The five Rs for your ecolife

Refuse – refuse everything you can do without, e.g., plastic bags, disposable serviceware, plastic straws. You can easily go shopping with your eco bag and containers for other goods (containers for loose products, eco baggies for vegetables and fruits).

Reuse – reuse the items you already have.  After all, it’s not difficult at all to repair something broken, to renew your used things, to hem the worn clothes, and to wear your previous season boots without buying a pair of new ones for the sake of reducing waste!

Reduce – and what about saying no to buying unnecessary things, to impulse purchases? Buy all the goods strictly by necessity (according to the list) and not more than you are sure to consume. And please stop buying up everything and anything at discounts and on Black Fridays.

Recycle – learn to sort waste! It’s inescapable! All developed countries of the world know the price of ecology.

Rot – composting of organic waste is already possible in apartments. For this, there are commercially available larvae that can be delivered directly to your door. There are also special composting facilities.

It’s all in our hands!