Zero-waste lifestyle

It is already impossible to ignore and, moreover, to deny the negative impact of plastic on the environment, and the enormous pollution of the environment with all kinds of garbage. Environmental awareness is gradually waking up in every person and this is inevitable. The desire to reduce waste, namely to reduce it to zero, is the basic principle of the zero-waste lifestyle.

Where to start?

First of all, you should firmly decide for yourself that from this day on you are going to take care of the environment and this is your principle.

— say no to plastic bags and go shopping with your shopper bag, preferably with “Avoska”;
— refuse disposable plastics;
— don’t buy more products than you can consume, choose products in organic packaging or bring your own containers when shopping;
— turn off the tap while brushing your teeth;
— take a shower instead of a bath and turn off the water while applying your body wash – take care of the World Ocean!
— choose organic eco-friendly cosmetics;
— give preference to public transport, and even better – to walking;
— don’t burn garbage, leaves or other waste;
— learn to sort your household waste for further processing.

And don’t forget how important it is to believe in what you do. Small steps lead to great things. After all, taking care of the environment is a contribution to the future of the entire Planet.

Let’s consume consciously!